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For Founders

Founder-owned and led companies are special. They have passion and culture that runs deep, and is differentiating.  They typically have an incredible focus on their value propositions to customers, and on the quality of their products and services. Likewise, they impact their employees and communities in meaningful ways.

For founder-owned and led companies, Sutton Growth Group provides world-class talent to augment, complement, and build your capabilities. Strategic investment in capabilities and talent can help your company scale to the next level, while also building off of what makes your company special and unique.

For founders who are considering outside investment, the financial results driven by strategic initiatives and transformative capabilities can significantly increase your valuation.


We provide your company with the experience and talent needed to win. We take an owner’s perspective with respect to strategy, execution, and value creation. We use holistic metrics to deliver results and to drive alignment and accountability across your company’s executive leadership team.


Finally, Sutton Growth Group provides a unique complement to consulting and advisory firms.  We help your company to execute initiatives and build capabilities organically, which has financial benefits from lower professional-service fees, more effective change management, and more successfully led/executed initiatives. 

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