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Our service lines are comprehensive and designed for successful strategic decision making, change management, and execution. They flow from value-creation planning and assessments, to talent placement, to training and coaching.


We work with you to identify the optimal, custom solutions to achieve your goals.

Value-Creation Planning

  • Start with existing plan; refresh for current internal and external context

  • Conduct focused working sessions with key executives and leaders to challenge assumptions, develop/test hypotheses, and collect necessary/priority data

  • Ensure alignment across key executives and teams, and with company capabilities


  • Organizational (e.g., strategic capability assessment and planning)

  • Individual (e.g., talent assessments, leadership assessments, individual development plans (IDPs))


  • Prioritize the high-impact talent needed to drive critical operations initiatives

  • Provide long-term, interim, and/or fractional talent

  • Recruit proven individuals with world-class experience who will quickly drive impact

Learning & Development

  • Real-world classroom (e.g., learning through doing, by performing real-life projects)

  • Cross-cutting skills (e.g., problem solving, capitalizing on market dynamics, change management)

  • Specific methodologies (e.g., Customer-Value Delivery, Operations-Driven Growth, Lean, Strategic Sourcing, Supply-Chain Management)


  • Executive coaching, based on IDPs, for executives and high-impact professionals

  • Leadership development coaching

  • Coaching on design and execution of Strategic Initiatives 

* with select Sutton Growth Group network members

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