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For Talent

Employees want to be valued and challenged. Trusted and competent talent is critical to the success of an organization.


If you have world-class operations experience and want to do high-impact work with great clients, please contact us today to discuss your goals and aspirations. We’d like to get to know you. 

Sutton Growth Group places great people into both permanent and interim/project roles within excellent organizations. We only serve clients that we would personally work for … and we only place people that we would personally team with.

Functionally, we look for professionals with depth in operations disciplines, such as Lean, supply chain, and strategic sourcing. We place world-class operators at all tenure levels.


We value and actively seek professionals united by the following principles, across all dimensions of diversity:

  1. Commitment to integrity and doing the right thing

  2. Relentless focus on driving client impact and delivering results

  3. Passion for helping good companies deliver quality products/services, create value, and increase jobs, especially in the United States

  4. Insistence on working with good people, and creating healthy and winning teams

Sutton Growth Group primarily works with talent from three different (and often overlapping) backgrounds:

We preference these profiles because they are proven. Professionals that have succeeded in these environments represent world-class talent. They can drive results from day one, and have differentiating impact on a business's trajectory and success.

Top-tier consulting firms

Academy companies

U.S. Armed Forces

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