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For Sponsors

As an investment professional, you work by, with, and through your portfolio company leadership teams to create enterprise value and maximize returns on invested capital. 

You have to manage a dichotomy. On one hand, you need to provide support to make your CEOs and their ELTs successful. On the other, you need to hold those leaders accountable for results.  

The founders of Sutton Growth Group have deep experience in private equity, and we understand what it is like to be a sponsor, from the perspective of both the investment professional and the operating professional.


We know what it takes to drive successful change management within portfolio companies. We work effectively and collaboratively with deal/operations teams and with portfolio company employees, across all levels. 


Sutton Growth Group provides your portfolio companies with the experience and world-class talent they need to build the operational capabilities necessary to support their growth objectives. 


We take an equity owner’s perspective with respect to strategy, execution, and value creation. We use holistic metrics to deliver results and drive alignment and accountability across your company’s executive leadership team.


Sutton Growth Group provides a unique complement to consulting firms, improving your returns. We help your companies to execute initiatives and build capabilities organically, which has financial benefits from lower professional-service fees, more effective change management, and more successfully led and executed initiatives. 

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